About Us

Hello there!

Welcome to Global Grassroots, where opinions flow like wine. This blog is an ambitious project, and it hopes to give you a wider, global-er perspective than you’re usually used to.

All too often, the things you hear on the news or read in the papers are limited in their views. They’re good, don’t get us wrong, but for a world like ours today, things happening in one country – no matter how localised it maybe – can have broader repercussions the world over. It’s also why we’re now interested in going-ons in countries that aren’t our own.

Global Grassroots hopes to pool together the opinions, observations, and views of people from all across the planet; from the United States to Micronesia, from Russia to Argentina. Be forewarned – a lot of the content will be opinion based, and many times it may have errors, skewed perspectives, and biases. But that’s the whole point; we want to give you a broader perspective, and sometimes, even listening to the wrong side of an argument can tell you something you didn’t already know.

Initially, the site will be heavy on India related content, since that’s where we’re from. But as time goes by, we hope to get in many more people for many different countries. We will, however, try and give our own perspectives on things that aren’t inherently Indian. Just for variety’s sake.


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